Kemet (Egypt)

Sacred Valley, Peru

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Yucatán, Mexico

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala


Tola, Nicaragua


Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina


Sedona, Arizona


Living in the Light Retreats have consistently been rated 5/5 by participants. See below for some of their comments.

“Thank you, Kandace, for organizing this retreat.  It was the perfect place and time.  The meditation and breathing practices I have learned have been invaluable, and being here has certainly helped me to reconnect with, and experience, God’s presence.  I am just beginning this journey, but am eager and excited to apply these practices consistently in order to experience inner peace.”

“This is my second From Stress to Peace Retreat and my spiritual practice is elevated and refined after each one. Kandace has a gift for making every participant feel safe and welcomed. We laughed, cried, spent time in prayer and meditation in a beautiful and serene environment. Kandace makes a point to share practical tips and strategies that anyone can use to begin their spiritual practice or enhance the practice they already have in place. I highly recommend the From Stress to Peace Retreat to anyone who seriously wants to learn how to connect with God in a transformational way.”

“I needed to get back to center. I have been struggling with personal and professional challenges and needed guidance and support to create balance. This retreat gave me tools, a supportive environment, and made me remember my power to create my peace no matter what. My life has changed dramatically from being a part of this community.”

“I came to the retreat very worn down and stressed with life and the responsibilities of marriage. I am leaving full of peace and mentally lighter than I came. I have the tools now to take peace with me into my daily life. This was not only a beautiful experience, but a beautiful new beginning for me. Thank you!”

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